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Secret Gift-Columbia SC Boudoir

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So Christmas is coming and you are starting to wonder what to get for him… or better yet it’s your anniversary and you want to blow his mind. What to do? We have an incredible treat for you…and him! A luxury boudoir photoshoot that includes a full makeover session where you have access to professional makeup, lighting, skill, posing and all the works that will completely transform you and make you that supermodel you always dreamed of being. Now you can give him all he has ever wanted. You ARE his dream girl.

Book a complimentary consult with us over the phone or in person to talk details about your dream photoshoot.

Mrs. K did this for her guy and he was floored! She never imagined she could feel and look this incredible.

Are you feeling a little less attractive than you used to be? DON’T! Let us show you what you really look like in camera. You will not believe what we see, it’s so different from what YOU see. Make an appointment today to began your transformation experience.

Columbia SC Photographer Boudoir in Hot Pink
Luxury Boudoir Photoshoot in Lexington, South Carolina

Professional photography with a guided photosession and full makeover creates a top notch incredible experience for women who are looking to build self-confidences and see their own self-value. Makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine’s Day and more.

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