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Who is your Luxury Boudoir Photographer?

Beautiful Soul Boudoir by Kandice Marie


Hello Lovelies,

I am Kandice, the creative artist and photographer of Beautiful Soul Portraits. I am a wife and mother just like many of you and I have said the same things you have said. Made excuses, said I wasn’t photogenic, and that I needed to lose a few extra pounds before being photographed. We are all on an adventure here.

The truth is, we can figure it out this self-love thing together. You are exactly the way you were meant to be at this point in time. It’s no mistake that you stumbled across my page and there is much for you here.

Maybe you are here for a surprise gift,  a milestone you’ve accomplished, or much needed healing that needs to take place. Know this, we are here for you. Do not feel like you need to wait or look different before doing this amazing shoot for yourself. This you is on this exact path because of the specific life events and circumstances that led you here.

 If you are on a journey to self-love and healing, true self-love comes from being proud of how far you have come and how you have grown through those circumstances. Learn to love that woman in the mirror not because of how perfect her body is but for the fact that nothing can keep her down. Your body has served you. Embrace it. 

I welcome anyone who wants to chat at anytime about how to overcome the fear of being photographed. I offer a complimentary consultation and we can set that up just by clicking the “Let’s Talk” button below.

I also offer an ultimate self-love guide just for women. It is a great way to jump start your journey to seeing yourself differently. Sign up for your FREE GUIDE today. 

Call me directly (803) 730-5618 or book today under the contact form. 

Kandice Marie Photographer

What to Expect & How to Get Started


When you call me or inquire through my website, I will respond within an hour usually. I will call you and ask what motivated you to decide to do boudoir photoshoot. We will chat a little bit about that and what you love. I want to know everything you were inspired by. Then I will answer your questions and ask if you want to do a zoom or in person consult as I know for some, meeting in person really helps make a decision on such an intimate photoshoot. I will always stay professional while bringing a light-hearted approach to our talk. I want to make sure that you are comfortable and know that this is an absolutely safe space. Either over the phone or in person, you will be able to book your session and then we will begin talking details. I will help you find or brainstorm wardrobe items. You can even take advantage of our client closet. The client closet is a special area we keep  wraps, lacey items, materials, furs, crowns but no undergarments are provided. We keep everything clean and sanitary. 

I always ask clients if they have created a Pinterest board or anything that would like to share with me just to give me insight on their style and mood. We will discuss the details of the look you love and decide where to buy something to wear, put together something you have, or create something from materials here in studio. We decide number of outfit changes etc. Part of this process is the How to Prepare email I send about a week before your session. This will tell you how to get the most out of your special day. There will be tips like making sure you have fresh nails and toes, fresh hair roots if you dye. I will also tell you about the importance of drinking tons of water and exfoliating your skin. All these things really make a big difference in how you feel and how energized you look on the morning of your session. 

This is a day all about you and you will rock this session! Open your eyes refreshed and get moving. When you arrive to the studio, we will get you into the makeup chair, I will put a glass of champagne or mimosa in your hand, a  heated neck wrap filled with the tranquility of fragrant lavender on your shoulders and you will begin to relax. Get ready, you know this is going to be the most amazing thing you have ever done for yourself. 

You are gonna look drop-dead gorgeous! When it is time to shoot, I will guide you so don’t worry about that. All your fear or anxiety will just fade away and the inner goddess will take over. By th end of the session, you will feel like you have modeled before. I will show you a few images on back of my camera to let you know kind of where we are. But nothing will prepare you for your reveal. Those retouched images will blow you away. 

The day after your session, I will invite you back in to the studio to see your unedited images. We go through all of them together and you get to choose the ones you fall in love with! If you love the posing and expression, you will absolutely fall in love with the retouched ones you choose. You have the option of ordering an album, wall art, or prints.  

We have collections of prints and albums available that include the digital images as well as mobile apps for sharing with your significant other. 

We also take a variety of images that are perfect for wall art so that you have a great mix to choose from. 

Once you choose your favorites, we will determine what collection level you are at and proceed to payment arrangements. We offer a ton of incentives and extras at every collection level so that you can have the gorgeous images you love. Afterwards, I will get to work on hand-designing your album or collection of choice.

Behind the Scenes









Kandice was such fun to work with and makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin! She is great with guidance for poses and truly makes your session about YOU! Her studio is nice and private with many options for backgrounds, accessories, and colors. Her work is truly beautiful; she edits her photos to help accentuate your natural beauty instead of trying to cover up everything with unnecessary filters. There are so many options for prints and packages as well. You’ll feel like an absolute queen being photographed by her and the photos will be absolutely magical when all is said and done! She’s very responsive and flexible with her time when needed and will do her best to stay connected with you throughout the ENTIRE process. I’ll admit the prices can be high, but it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on myself and worth every penny plus some. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


Kandice does an amazing job! It was my first time ever taking professional photos and she made it look like it I’ve been doing it for years! She help me with poses and tried different things.. it was truly perfect.


My experience with Kandice of Beautiful Soul Portraits was simply amazing! She Was very informative about the session so that I would know what to expect. Her space is very warm and welcoming. She is very professional, but also very personable. Her goal is to get the best photos possible and she does. Her artistry, experience, and professionalism is impeccable!

Inquire with Beautiful Soul


Get in touch to find out more, ask questions, or book your session and we’ll get back to you. You can also contact us directly via email or phone.

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