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Columbia SC Photographer | How Boudoir Transforms Women

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“The resulting images were not just photographs; they were a testament to the alchemical process that had taken place. I looked at myself in ways I never had before – curves, imperfections, and all – and saw a woman who was beautifully flawed, unapologetically real, and utterly captivating. It was a visual love letter to myself, and for the first time, I fell headlong into the embrace of my own authenticity.”


Sisters, you get one body, one mind. Wouldn’t it be life giving to have them work together to make your life memorable, joyful, and successful? When is the last time you have looked in the mirror and really talked to yourself, tell that woman you see how much you appreciate, love and accept her? Have you ever? The power in spoken words can literally move perceived mountains. You can still unlearn our societal norms and break the chains that hold women down. Do you have a daughter? What do you want her to believe about herself, break that hold and set her free and yourself too.

Your body has brought you far, care for it, nurture it, appreciate all that it is. When you learn to rest in your gratefulness and accept what is, letting go of what isn’t then that, my friend is the art of becoming. Rest in it. Be empowered that you have curves, be empowered that you are healthy, be truly appreciative that you can choose to nourish your body and care for it.

What you put in, will show. What you take out will show too. The more you speak of being beautiful while looking in the mirror, the more you believe it and the same goes for what you speak harshly over yourself. This is the same for other little ears that hear how you speak to yourself, if you have children.

Mindfulness is a game changer. Know what you are putting on yourself and wearing. Wear a crown of glory, you are after all a queen.