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Lingerie- What to Wear during a Boudoir Photoshoot

Lingerie Styles, many people think there are only one or two but there quite a few! My favorite for all body types is the body suit, lace or fabric. They are classy, suit every shape and weight, they cover just enough, and still make you feel gorgeous! The secret is to wear what you feel confident in. What makes you feel beautiful?

The body suit- This is a great choice for women who want to have something with a little more coverage but still very form-fitted. They fit like a glove and come in all sizes and materials. Velvet, lace, cotton, and stretch materials with lycra are all common fabrics. Some even have turtle necks and long sleeves. These are commonly used in black and white maternity.

The baby-doll- As we mentioned earlier, this may not be the photographer’s first choice for a client to wear due to it giving the idea of pregnancy. Looser fitting clothing sometimes makes us look bigger and are not flattering. You want something that is flexible just conforms to your curves . Love your body.

Bra and panty sets- come in all colors and materials and show the curves really well. You can get them anywhere and they prices are relatively inexpensive. They are versatile and can be worn under more feminine sheer pieces to add a little mystery. An over-all great choice.

The White Sheet- every women needs to wear this regardless. This is timeless, looks so beautiful. Imagine yourself surrounded in dreamy white sheets with soft light peaking in the window. What could be more beautiful? It is tasteful and elegant.

The Tulle Robe- This can be very alluring paired with the right bra and panty set underneath. It’s sheer, elegant, and screams luxury balcony overlooking a beautiful beach in Greece or some romantic scene out of a movie.

Whatever you choose, we can help you get the most out of your outfits. A big plus for underwire as it helps to shape you during back poses!

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