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Columbia SC Photographer | Boudoir |Self-Confidence is Attractive

I am a Columbia SC Boudoir Photographer focusing more on sensual beauty than nude images. I find that if I am posing properly, I can make a woman feel much more confident and look much more sexy just by posing than by using her body to do that. You can wear a dress and look every bit as sexy if not more than a woman wearing nothing. We as women posses a strong inner beauty without needing to completely undress. You just need the right photographer to call that beauty out of you.

When women come into my studio, they feel that it is a safe and home-like space. They feel a level of comfort that allows them to be themselves, let down their guard, and just go with the flow. All of my clients feel a slight bit anxious in the beginning but that all just fades away quickly and we always get an incredibly exciting and beautiful session.

From beginning to end, our process is so strategically created to make sure you not only LOVE your experience but you fall in love with all of your photos. Most women believe they are not photogenic and that has been the factor keeping them from having a glam or boudoir session. Each one has had an entirely different kind of testimony by the time they leave my studio. I am truly grateful for this talent and opportunity to completely change so many women’s lives. It is empowering for them to overcome self-doubt and it’s rewarding for me to help my clients achieve life long fear and doubt. The transformation is incredible to watch. You may walk in a little timid, shy, unsure of yourself and doubting your body but you will leave feeling like a goddess and looking over the top gorgeous and exuding your inner queen. Wear that crown. Own it.

You do not need to worry about what to do. We guide you every step of the way so that you don’t have to do a thing but show up and enjoy your day. It really is all about you. Many women do not get to experience such a wonderful day all about them so this is a luxury that every woman MUST have at least once. I believe each of you are worth it, you should do this every single year. You ARE worth celebrating.

If you would love an in person consultation, contact me and let’s get started with your transformation.


Did you know that when you book your Luxury session with us, you can bring your mom, sister, or best friend to make a girl’s day out of this. Want to add them to your session and be photographed the same day? Let us know, it’s plus $100 and we will book it ahead of time along with your session. Both of you can be pampered together. You don’t even have to do this alone! No excuses, it’s your time to shine.

Let us coordinate all the things like hair and makeup, wardrobe, and delicious treats just for you. We promise you will enjoy every single second of your day.

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