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Columbia SC Photographer | Boudoir and Feminine Portraiture

I always thought there should be something to fill the gap between Glam and Boudoir. Something that has a touch of sensuality and much less nudity. That is kinda where I live. Women can look and feel beautiful, sexy, and confident without wearing actual lingerie, right? Lingerie is really just for men, let’s be honest. It isn’t comfortable, it isn’t practical and half of it doesn’t even function properly. Introducing Boudoir Lite… hello there.

Now, just to clarify… lingerie is fine, acceptable and nice if you want that in your session. I recommend lacey bra, panties and even a sheer robe or some other piece of silky lace material and anything that makes YOU feel incredibly sexy. It doesn’t matter what it is… even a dress. Just make sure that it is not too loose and baggy. We want your actual shape to show through. DO NOT say you don’t like your shape because this is what makes you ultra feminine just the way you are. We are all different. Embrace it. Loving yourself is the first step to a successful and self-confident shoot, remember?

We will have the studio available for gown options as well as wraps and textured materials to put you in but your body language will be very different for these type sessions. You will be shown exactly how to pose for an incredibly sexy and confident magazine style shoot! You will dress to your comfort level and we will cater the session specifically for your taste.

You are beautiful. You are worth it. Be jaw-dropping gorgeous and elegant-sexy at the same time.

After a full makeup and makeover session at Beautiful Soul Portraits, you will be confident. From start to finish, it will change your life.

Start planning your session today. Call your for your complimentary in person consultation 803.730.5618 or email me

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