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What to Wear for a Boudoir Photoshoot

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boudoir photo laying in silk sheets body wrapped in satin

Let us help! That is our job, to make this a flawless, effortless, breath-taking photoshoot. One thing we know for sure is body types. So, you have booked a shoot or at least you are thinking about it, right? The problem is you have NO idea what to wear. I can help.

Not only do we have our own store with pre-chosen lingerie for you to get in a hurry but we have done the hard part and figured out what photographs best! Some of the items may not be our first choice but there is variety! Check out our jewelry items coming too. We will be adding a collection of chokers and collars soon!

What to wear for your body type

If you love your shape but just need a little bit of something to hold you together to make it all seams, why not try this shaper? If you are pregnant and want to do a maternity boudoir photoshoot but do not want all the belly out, then this piece would look nice.

Now, being confident in your body and wanting to show a little more skin, definitely try this lace ensemble.

Feeling like a baddie and channeling some real bad girl energy? Check out this leather vibe.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you feel beautiful and confident in it. Choose colors that make your eyes pop, nothing overly vibrant like neons. Muted or black and white tones are always a hit too! Remember that form fitted will be best even if you feel like there is a little something to hide. I can absolutely pose all sizes and shapes in flattering ways as long as we have your shape showing.

If you have not yet found your perfect studio and would love to book with us, let’s have a phone call and get to know one another.