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Columbia SC Boudoir Photographer | Self Love Journey and Dating

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Be your own fire, let passion consume you.

Gift yourself or gift someone else the power of you.

Did you know that you have so much power as woman? That’s right, you can make your man do anything you want and others to. That is, if you have good intentions. What you speak over yourself, over others has meaning and opportunity. When you tell yourself good things about you, those thoughts and words are internalized and you begin to live that out whether they are good or bad. When you put out positive energy, you attract positive energy. The same goes for negative energy. How do you want to see yourself? What do you believe about who you really are? What do you tell yourself about your appearance when you look in the mirror? Is it ugh, I hate my tummy? Or do you say, I love myself and I appreciate what my body has done for me. Look how far I have come? These are the building blocks to self love, my friend!

Now, imagine that you are trying to attract a man and you have been having really bad luck with choosing them. What are the things about these guys that you didn’t like? Do you find that any of those things mirror or are welcomed by certain things you think of yourself? This is not always 100% the case in every situation, there can always be an exception but I think you will find in most of those cases there were little ways you drew that type of guy in with your energy. Want a masculine, loving, nurturing partner who values you greatly and respects you? Be that woman who KNOWS she deserves it and will settle for nothing less. By doing this, you will weed out a lot of losers!

Speaking of gifts to yourself, you deserve to feel healed, loved, and valuable. And when you are at that point in your life, you are an incredible gift to an ideal man. If you seek and find you, then he will seek and find you. Be healed, Be whole, Be in love with you.

In studio, we are able to help you to feel confident, sexy, and feminine in many ways. I would love to talk to you about how we can help make incredible things happen for you in your self-love journey.

A beautiful tribute to your self love journey, boudoir album in metallic leather
Boudoir album in lavender metallic leather